CMN/D Series Oil-free Gas-powered Air Compressor

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CMN/D Series Oil-free Gas-powered Air Compressor

A gas-powered air compressor is a device that uses a gasoline or diesel engine to compress air. Compressed air can be used for a variety of purposes, such as powering pneumatic tools, inflating tires and cleaning surfaces.

Gas-powered air compressors are generally more powerful than electric air compressors, making them a good choice for demanding applications. They are also more portable than electric air compressors, making them a good choice for use in remote areas.

CMN/D Series Oil-free Gas-powered Air Compressor Parameter:

Model Work pressure FAD Power Noise Weight Cooling water quantity Dimension
Outlet Diameter
MPa Psi m³/min cfm kW HP dB(A) kg T/h mm mm
CM55G 2.0-3.0 290-435 6.3 222 55 75 70 1950 18 2750×1250×1480 DN32
CM55G 2.0-4.0 290-580 5.2 184 55 75 70 1950 18 2750×1250×1480 DN32
CM75G 2.0-4.0 290-580 6.3 222 75 100 70 1960 18 2750×1250×1480 DN32
CM110G 2.0-4.0 290-580 10.2 360 110 150 72 2630 24 3000×1350×1540 DN32
CM130GPV 2.0-3.0 290-435 5.4-13.5 128-455 55 75 75 3000 35 2500×2000×1550 DN32
75 100
CM150GPV 2.0-4.0 290-580 5.4-13.5 191-477 75 100 75 3100 35 2500×2000×1550 DN32
75 100
CM242GPV 2.0-4.0 290-580 9.6-24.0 339-847 110 150 75 3950 50 2760×2250×1670 DN40
132 180

CMN/D Series Oil-free Gas-powered Air Compressor Feature:

The new model is 15%-20% more energy efficient than piston air compressors. After the piston ring and cylinder body wear, it saves 30%-40% more power than the piston air compressor. Two years of saving is equivalent to the cost of buying a machine.

Box design, no vibration, low noise, small volume.

Fewer consumables, low cost.

Environmental protection, oil-free water lubrication design, ISO08573-1 oil-free certification.

Isothermal compression, low exhaust temperature, and low water content of compressed air.

Advantages of Oil-free Gas-powered Air Compressor:

Portability: Highly portable, ideal for use in remote areas or outdoor environments without power.

Powerful: Efficient and powerful, generating high levels of pressure and flow. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications that require large amounts of compressed air.

Versatile: This versatile tool can power various pneumatic tools, including impact wrenches, Saunders, and staple guns. They can also be used for tire inflation and other compressed air applications.

Durable: Can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, usually more durable than electric air compressors.

Cost-effective: Gas-powered air compressors are more cost-effective than electric compressors in the long run because they do not require electricity to operate. They are also less expensive to maintain.



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